The Best Place To Live

A friend and I were talking about finding a house to buy. The prices in Melbourne are high. They are unaffordably high. Worse than buying property in Switzerland. Men and women live with their parents until their late twenties and thirties to save for a deposit.

How Cheap is Aldi?

On a weekly shop at Aldi, the total bill came to $157.77. I’d bought quite a lot, but it still sounded high. I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Aldi still represented good value compared to Woolworths. If my shop had been at Woolworths instead that day, how much would I have spent?

Why is petrol 20c cheaper in Sydney than Melbourne?

As usual, the price of petrol increased in Melbourne just in time for christmas, I recall it being over $1.25/litre before leaving to holiday in Sydney. Upon arriving in Sydney, fuel was advertised everywhere for close to $1.10/litre. Since that point, I’ve sporadically checked prices in Sydney and compared to Melbourne and on each occasion found them the same or cheaper.

The Los Angeles Housing Market Compared to Melbourne

{% include purecss.html %} I take a look at the housing crisis in Los Angeles from 2006 to 2013 to understand by how much prices fell, and how they have recovered. The regions of Los Angeles Los Angeles is a large sprawling city, difficult to get around in without a car, not unlike Melbourne.

Without owning a car

click here to see the calculator I don’t own a car, and haven’t for 4 years. My choice isn’t based on an environmental standpoint, rather it is purely economic. I save money by not owning a car. From time to time I question whether or not this is true.