Questions About Running a Business

I’ve been asked as part of a school project to write up some of my learnings from running my small business whit. What were your original motivations going into the business? I outlined my motivations in detail here in [the most expensive spreadsheet]({{ site.

Owning a car - one year in review.

About this time last year, we moved to the suburbs, and bought a beautiful second-hand Toyota Camry. I’ve previously written about the true costs of owning a car. But while I have owned one in the past, I didn’t at the time of that blog post.

Work from anywhere

When I worked for a big company, I dreamed of working for myself so I could set my own hours and work schedule. My salary increases would be linked to how hard I worked, not how well I was able to game the HR department.

Pizza Base Recipe with Sourdough Starter

(2020 update here) I found a website here with the best pizza base recipe I’ve read and I refer to it every few weeks when I make my own pizza bases. Varasanos recipe has a lot of theory about what makes a good base.

The Best Place To Live

A friend and I were talking about finding a house to buy. The prices in Melbourne are high. They are unaffordably high. Worse than buying property in Switzerland. Men and women live with their parents until their late twenties and thirties to save for a deposit.