Cob Pizza Oven Build

This covid season my family built a pizza oven as a project to keep ourselves occupied. The pizza oven is a great way to make a heap of pies when hosting guests, and provides some theatre and excitement compared to simply cooking pies in the oven.

Bare Rooted

Winter planting of fruit trees Almond. 2-2.5m high 2-2.5m wide Apple Akane. 3m high 3m wide. M106 rootstock Apple Spartan. 3m high 3m wide. M106 rootstock Apple Winter Banana 3m high 3m wide. M106 rootstock Blood Orange - 6-8m high 3-5m wide

An update about pizza

It has been four years since I last wrote about the sourdough pizza recipe. I still regard it as the best pizza base recipe I’ve read and refer back to it frequently. What has changed in the years since I first wrote about making sourdough pizzas?

Car year 4

Here is the breakdown in costs total for the last four years (estimated): Description Cost Depreciation $4 000 Petrol $4 000 Insurance & Rego $5 368 Maintenance $2 772 === Total $16 140 It works out to $80/week for the car.

House Prices in Dublin, Where are they now?

{% include purecss.html %} Quick Recap - What happened in Dublin? House and unit purchase and rent prices had a steep decline between 2007 and 2013. The prices then began to recover. The rental yields were far more attractive during recovery than before the decline.