Remote working from a park

It’s quiet. I’m compiling some code but can’t even hear the laptop fan moving. While I wait for it to finish, I chat with a visitor to my site. They are from South Africa. And I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. Winter is losing it’s hold.

Small Pot Sizes Considered Harmful

Last summer I began growing vegetables on my balcony. Never having planted or grown anything in my life, my first question was: What should I grow? Followed by How big should the pot be? We planted a chilli and a tomato.

A better baby monitor

Our baby monitor was made by the devil. The way I see it, a baby monitor has a single purpose: A baby monitor will let us hear our baby when he makes something other than normal sleep noises This monitor picks up on the quietest of murmors.

The cold sales tactic that almost worked

I run a startup company. Customers have started paying us - which is great. The “Notification of Payment Received” emails are motivating. Strangely do you know what else is motivating? People tweeting articles from the company blog. After spending time writing in-depth about something that interests us.

Buying SaaS is like buying toilet paper

You only charge $40/month for your app. But the public still complains. Why can’t it be a one time payment. Why must I pay for your app every month? Your response probably falls into one of these categories (ordered by effectiveness): Without us, your business earnings would be lower by $4000/month You don’t have to hire a full time staff member saving you $6000/month Payments match up with your monthly cashflow better than a large initial outlay We are continually improving the product so the payments support the development We have non-zero costs like hosting that must be paid for somehow You pay more for toilet paper in your office each month Comparing your business to the cost of toilet paper isn’t something you’d say directly to a customer.